• 2018
    Sculptures and Paintings, Croxhapox, Gent

  • 2017
    King Crimson and other Imposters, NIAD, Los Gatos, California
    Studies for Larger Paintings, (Shoo-bil) Gallery, Antwerp
    I'd Rather be Watching Porn, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Mechelen

  • 2016
    The Imposter, Lifeisart Gallery, Antwerp
    One A Day, Camille Gallery, Detroit

  • 2015
    Connections, Antwerp
    Two-Person, curated by Thibaut Verhoeven, with Els Nouwens, SecondRoom, Gent

  • 2014
    SQUEEZE, Bar d'Office, Antwerpen                              
    Elke Dag Iets Anders, Sollie Apothekers, Antwerp

  • 2013
    Love, Life, Art and The Devil, Fouladi Projects, San Francisco

  • 2012
    The Devil Inside, Bries Space, Antwerp Belgium

  • 2011
    Two Person Art Show with Michael Laird, Coffee & Vinyl, Antwerp, Belgium

  • 2010
    Art Attack, Project Room, Swarm Gallery, Oakland, CA

  • 2006
    Battles, National Product, San Francisco

  • 2005
    Life is Good, part of the Also Awesome Show,
    The Bathroom/Hallway Gallery, San Francisco
    Inside Out, Daily Dose, Low Gallery, San Francisco
    Mostly Smaller Works, SEAM Studio, San Francisco

  • 2004
    After The Renaissance, The Foyer at The Lab, San Francisco
    The Adobe Back Room Gallery, San Francisco

  • 2001
    The Burnt Show, Detroit Museum of New Art 

  • 1997
    Carmichael Gallery, San Francisco


  • 2017
    1917 Fountain 2017, Academie Mechelen
    Kunstwerkt 5, Collectiv National/Fierensblokken, Antwerp
    The Lost Posters, Lee Ranaldo, Cultuurcentrum Menen, curated by Jan van Woensel
    100 Years Duchamp, SECONDroom, Antwerp
    Life Will Be Great Soon, Praetoria Gallery, Antwerp
    Bienale Banale Dragers, Troebel Neyntje, Antwerp

  • 2016
    ICU Art Expo with Michiel Alberts, Beiron Brouwers, Kris Burm, Bernaded Dexters, Sacha Eckes, Dafna Rahminov, and Rob Scholte

Annual Garden Party and Auction at Museum Dhondt Dhaenens. As one of 25 selected promising artists

  • 2015
    After the Food Fight, Chocolade Fabriek, Tongeren, with Lieven Segers, Nel Aerts
    Divergence, Keystone Gallery, Los Angeles                 
    A Belgian Politician, Marion de Canière Art Space, Antwerp    
    Expo ZAK, Troebel Neyntje, Antwerp
  • 2014
    Crossing Lines #03, Workplace, Antwerp
    Noetics, Croxhapox, Gent
  • 2013
    Wilde Vlammen, Mekanik Strip, Antwerp
    International Cartoon Festival, Knokke-Heist

  • 2012
    Secret Postcards, Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht
    Underwhere, RA, Antwerp, Belgium
    Friday The Thirteenth, RA, Antwerp, Belgium
    Fiend Projects Art Festival, Designcenter De Winkelhaak, Antwerp, Belgium
    The December Store, Galerie Jan Dhaese, Gent, Belgium

  • 2011
    Music In Your Eyes, Coffee & Vinyl, Antwerp, Belgium
    In- And Outside- Writing, Voorkamer, Lier
    Tall Tales: Collaborative Projects by John Casey & Friends, Swarm Gallery, Oakland, CA

  • 2010
    Women at Work, Mekanik, Antwerp, Belgium

  • 2009
    The Border, Lineart Art Fair, Gent
    The Whole Nine Yards, Actionfields Gallery, Brussels
    Summer Show, Lyons Weir Gallery, curated by David Lyle, New York
    My certain Fate, Pharmaka, Los Angeles Curated by Timothy Buckwalter
    Jeugdzonde, LLS387, Antwerp, Belgium
    DRAWING ACTIONS, De Halle, Geel, Belgium. Curated by Kris Van Dessel
    Drawing up a Plan, The Lab, San Francisco. Curated by Sasha Petrenko

  • 2007
    Non-Sequitur, Ritual, San Francisco
    Fill 'er Up, Dennis Anderson Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
    Group Show of Drawings, Fette's Gallery, Culver City
    Sacha Eckes and Porous Walker, Receiver Gallery, SF

  • 2006
    Where we have been where we are and where we are going, Adobe Back Room Gallery, SF
    Fecalfacedotcom: the 125th anniversary of the internet, BLK/MRKT Gallery, Culver City, CA
    Utopia, 111 Minna Gallery, SF
    It Won’t Hurt: with Alika Cooper and Rachell Sumpter at City Hall, SF
    San Francisco in Sacramento, Deep Gallery, Sacramento
    Fecalfacedotcom: the 125th anniversary of the internet, 111 Minna Gallery, SF
    Brains, Space Gallery, SF
    Group show, Needles and Pens, SF

  • 2005
    Soon and Very Soon, Renowned Gallery, Portland, Oregon
    Fecal Face 5.5 Year Anniversary exhibit, 111 Minna Street Gallery, SF
    We Fixed It, an ebay Project, Works Gallery, San Jose, CA
    TMBG, Garde Rail Gallery, Seattle
    PaperAwesome!, Pigman Gallery, San Francisco
    Nonetheless, Needles and Pens, San Francisco

  • 2004
    boonslogmuscle, Mimi Barr Gallery, San Francisco
    Sneakerpimps, Culture Cache Gallery, San Francisco
    The San Francisco Show, New Image Art, Los Angeles
    Social Awareness, Unit B, Chicago
    Cross Currents, Birmingham and Bloomfield Art Center, Birmingham, Michigan
    The Bay Area Show, Tangent Gallery, Detroit
    8th Annual Auction, The Lab, San Francisco
    8.5 x 11, Mimi Barr, San Francisco
    PaperAwesome! Mimi Barr, San Francisco

  • 2003
    Au Natural, The Di Rosa Preserve, Napa
    17th Annual Auction, New Langton, San Francisco
    After School Special, Culture Cache Gallery, San Francisco. 
    Billboard Project: D'ETROIT, Lemberg Gallery, Detroit
    It came from Detroit, Mission Space, Baltimore. Curated by Glen Barr.
    Get Your War Off, Culture Cache Gallery, San Francisco
    Selecti, Detroit Artists Market, juried by Lawrence Rinder
    Pretty City, G.R. N'Namdi Gallery, Detroit
    The Peace Show, Adobe Books, San Francisco
    In the Shadow of Tiger Stadium, Padzieski Gallery, Dearborn, 
    7th Annual Auction, The Lab, San Francisco 

  • 2002 
    Where I am At, a drawing show, The Lab, San Francisco
    Toyz 2002, 1300 Gallery, Cleveland
    My Hero, CPOP Gallery, Detroit
    Cartoon Show, New Image Art, Los Angeles
    bubblegum, Culture Cache gallery, San Francisco
    kaboom, Museum of New Art, Detroit
    6th Annual Auction, The Lab, San Francisco

  • 2001 
    17th Annual Auction, New Langton, San Francisco
    Beefcake / Cheesecake, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
    Paperclip, Fort Haggis Gallery, San Francisco
    Collage: medium at large, Culture Cache Gallery, San Francisco
    The Red Man Show, Adobe Books, San Francisco
    post-postcard, Southern Exposure, San Francisco
    Paintaholics, New Image Art, Los Angeles
    The Portrait Show, New Image Art, Los Angeles
    The Wrong Show, Museum of New Art, Detroit
    Creativity, The LAB, San Francisco

  • 2000
    Chill Factor, 16th Annual Auction, New Langton Arts, San Francisco
    Blueprint, Auction for TILT, Southern Exposure, San Francisco
    Mission Detritus, Culture Cache Gallery, San Francisco
    16 Reasons, Juice Design, San Francisco
    Discombobulated, Gallery Luscombe, San Francisco

  • 1999
    Future Shock, 15th Annual Auction, New Langton Arts, San Francisco
    Frenzy, Auction, Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco
    Dia De Los Muertos, Gallery Luscombe, San Francisco
    Bricolage, The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco
    Looking Glass, window installation, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
    Dangerous Dolls, Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, curated by Lisa Petrucci

  • 1998
    The Luggage Store's 7th Annual, Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco
    American Pie, Mission Badlands/Balazo, San Francisco
    PopTarts, 111 Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco
    Highwired, Artists Television Access, San Francisco
    The Devil's Ass/Nalgas de Diablo, Mission Badlands/Balazo, San Francisco

  • 1997
    Oddity, 111 Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco
    Matrix International 1997, Matrix Gallery, Sacramento
    Black & White & Read All Over, Show N Tell Gallery, San Francisco

  • 1996
    Point of View, 11th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Center for Visual Art, 
    Oakland. Juried by Maria Porges
    12th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Berkeley Art Center Association
    Juried by Geno Rodriguez, Director Alternative Museum, NY 



George N'Namdi, Burton Aaron, Dr. Daniel Haddad, David Coddaire, Richard Rollins,
Topher Delaney, Greta Stevens, Wim Waumans, Dr. Werner Van Peer, Marc Moons,
Werner Sels, Irene Schaudies, Frank Hermann



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  • May 1997 SPUNK! Magazine, Feature Local Artist. 
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  • November 2002 Real Detroit, featured in Stage and Canvas. Review by Natalie Haddad 
  • April, 2004 Metro Times, review by Glen Manisto 
  • October, 2003 Art Beat, PBS 30 minute interview broadcast on Public Television in Detroit 
  • February, 2005, On Marketing The Mission, Article by Allegra Fortunati 
  • March 2007, Artweek, review of Your Face Looks Like an Island with Porous Walker 
  • May, 2007, online interview



  • "Wilde Vlammen", September 2013
    Mekanik, (Antwerp)

  • "Underwhere", October 2012
    RA (Antwerp):

  • "Friday The Thirteenth", 2012
    RA (Antwerp):

  • "Music In Your Eyes", July 2011
    Coffee & Vinyl (Antwerp):

  • "Non-Sequitur", November 2007
    Ritual, San Francisco
    Timothy Buckwalter, Bill Dunlap, Sacha Eckes, Nancy Mizuno Elliott,
    Christopher Jernberg, Alexis Mackenzie, Paul Madonna, Mike Monteiro, Fred Rinne,
    Brion Nudah Rosch & Ifton Schlinger, Micke Tong

  • Curator at 111 Minna Gallery, SF 2006-2007
    Curated UTOPIA: Suzanne Husky, Eric Joyner, Josh Keyes, Alexis Mackenzie,
    Chris Pew, Stephen Powers, John Sheridan, Casey Jex Smith, Winston Smith
    (November 2006), 
    Co-curator exhibition: 111@111 (December 2006)

  • "The Bay Area Show", 2004
    Tangent Gallery (Detroit):
    Creating a dialog between the Bay Area arts community and the Detroit Arts Community.
    Over 40 artists including Chris Johanson, Barry McGee, Jo Jackson, Simon Evans, Alicia McCarthy,
    Shaun O'Dell, Winston Smith, Christopher Garrett. 

  • "bubblegum", 2002
    Culture Cache Gallery (San Francisco): 
    a selection of work inspired by the texture of bubblegum and its meaning. 
    Marsea Goldberg, Jerry King, Johanna Saint-Clair, Elizabeth Selna

  • "Paperclip", 2001
    Fort Haggis Gallery (San Francisco):
    An exhibit of works on paper
    Chris Corales, Isabel Eckes, Sacha Eckes, Simon Evans, David Franklin, Marsea Goldberg, Leila Hornick,
    Rachel Kalman, Jerry King, Dave Lyle, MATS!?, Chris Oliveria, Dave Schubert, Christine Shields,
    Kelley Stoltz, John Trippe, Scott Williams and Rhonda Winter.

  • "Discombobulated", 2000
    Gallery Luscombe (San Francisco):
    An exhibit dealing with emotional instability, chaos and mental illness.
    Including: Simon Evans, Shaun O'Dell, MATS!? , Isabel Eckes 

  • "Highwired", 1998
    Artists Telivision Access (San Francisco):
    Rob Reger, Maya Hayuk

  • "PopTarts", 1998
    111 Minna Street Gallery (San Francisco):
    Female artists working in a pop arty, illustrative style.
    Isabel Samaras, Sharon Leong, Isis Rodriguez, Lisa Petrucci, Angela Lewis 

  • "American Pie", 1998
    Mission Badlands/Balazo, (San Francisco): 
    Inspired by American way of life, politics and sensibility.
    Including: Winston Smith, Rob Reger, MATS!?, etc.

  • "Oddity", 1997
    111 Minna Street Gallery, (San Francisco): 
    Chris Johanson, Christine Shields, Johanna Saint-Clair, Dave Fremont, Eric White



  • 2011-2013 Teaching Credentials Program, Pestalozzi, Antwerp, Belgium

  • 2010-2011 MFA in Fine Arts, Saint Lucas College of Art, Gent, Belgium

  • 1989-1993 BFA in Printmaking, Saint Lucas College of Art, Gent, Belgium